Out my mind.

-Do you miss him?
-Every moment of the day. Every day.
-Do you still love him?
-I will always love him. He’s part of me.
-But does he love you?
-He loves me too.
-But why is he with her now, then?
-It was his decision.
-And don’t you suffer? Why don’t you cry? Why aren’t you sad? Why don’t you beg him to come back to you?
-That will never happen. I am happy. And he is too.
-But you love him! Don’t you want him to be yours?
-Now I don’t want it anymore.
-What is different?
-He. He eas an other’s woman too.
-And why don’t you suffer? Hve you even cried?
-No. If he’s happy, I am too. I am happy for me, and for him.
-I can’t understand.
– He found he’s other half. That’s simple.
-And why are you happy?
-For everything I have, I will have, for what I will discover, for what it’s given to me.
-Now I don’t understand.
-The world is not stopping at one person. I have days ahead. If I got upsat who would watch every sunset like it is the first one? Who would count the stars at night? Who would search for perfect words? Who would try to make you happy?
-But you share love and receive for nothing instead.
-It’s not like that at all. I love, but I am not capable to show it.
-You really don’t regret anything?
-Absolutelly nothing at all. That’s what I live for.


~ by Vero on February 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Out my mind.”

  1. “I love, but I am not capable to show it” [?]…Hmmm..sa zicem ca ceva pe aceeasi linie de optimism cu restul mi-ar fi placut mai mult.. 😛
    Dar si asa…: Nice !

  2. optimism cu ghilimele…sorry 😛

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