The weeks are passing too quickly. I breathe and time is passing faster, taking advantage of the fact that I am not atentive. I close my eyes and let the fall wind pass thro’ my hair. To ravel it.
In the middle of all I listen. The steps are like the bass and girls-sopranos. Everyone has something to say. But I am in the town center. Everyone can tell whatever they want.
One, twi, three. I open my eyes with courage. I come back to reality. It was better when my eyes were closed. Colors seem more alive. I fill up my lungs with air and I go on. Not after long I arrive in my class-room. I am surrounded by other people. My class-mates.
And I try again. One, two, three. I close my eyes and concentrate. The soprano? The bass? A sympfony? No, now it’s only din. I try to get deeper, but this time nothing it’s the same.
Disappointed, I leave. I am not closing my eyes now. I walk, keeps my breath and try to find something amoung people.


~ by Vero on February 11, 2010.

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