Teach me how to love.

Put your soft lips beyond mine and give me for the last time a drop of that sweet bittersh poison that keeps me alive, that gives me hope, that gives me strength. Make me believe once again that only by kissing you I can become invincible and make it.
Let your palms touch the lines of my body, so imperfect body…and make me feel alive again. Blow over my eyes and I will feel you close even when I will be gone.
Don’t let me here die alone, surrounded by strangers, without knowing you will continue to be okay and full of life. I want to know you will forget me and your heart will be whole again right away I disappear.
Continue to move your hands on my back and let me feel for the thousandth time the shiver that shudders all my body. I don’t want you to forget all our moments, too full of happiness, faiths, love. I don’t want you to forget I existed but I want you to remain forever in my memory.
Let your wings break away and fly…to new horizons, to new adventures. Kiss me again with one last and I will know you will be forever mine.


~ by Vero on February 11, 2010.

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